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My hobby is traveling abroad, I have visited various countries.

My hobby is traveling abroad, I have visited various countries. About five years ago, I traveled to Budapest, Hungary, with my mother. I went to a temple in Japan's guidebook. I was taken to the observatory by the explanation that ""The view overlooking from the observatory of the temple is the best"". I paid the entrance fee to the observation deck and got on the instructed elevator. To the elevator were only me and my mother. Just press the button on the top floor and the elevator got up. When you get to the desired floor and get off, there is no one around. It was a stormy floor that I could not imagine as the observatory floor. Moreover, the lighting was dim, and there was a slightly terrible atmosphere. Looking at the elevator to go back down, it is not already on this floor. Even if you press the button, it will not come back. Since it can not be helped, I advanced a little. But there is no one. It is almost time for dusk. Closing time of the observation deck has approached. In this country where there is still a remnant of the former Communist sphere, when the closing time surely comes, I felt like closing without confirming whether there are customers remaining on the observatory. Would it be trapped overnight like this? And the moment I felt fear, I found a person in front. Rushing to catch up, it was a Taiwanese male trio. They seemed to be lost. Because elderly people can speak Japanese, I was able to communicate with each other. They also decided to give up going to the observatory, looking for means to return to the ground. The three male caretakers cared about making us feel uneasy, somehow bright. An elderly man talked to me in Japanese variously. I walked around with them for about 30 minutes, finally found a different elevator and was able to go down. I went down to the ground, I thanked them and took pictures with them. Thanks to them, I managed to get back safely but I never wanted to experience it again.

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